Doing business internationally is much more complex than simply finding a market and making the sale. That's why SKFTS provides a fully integrated service capable not only of finding markets for you, but of doing virtually all of the functions and paperwork associated with international trade.
We are organized business unit focused on providing unique benefits to buyers, manufacturers as well as resellers. For manufacturers, we act as an indirect extension office in handling business operation, allowing use of its sales force, technical capabilities, logistics services and breadth of customer relationships to cost-effectively distribute manufacturers’ networking and communications products around the world. We provide technical expertise, sales support and services, training, marketing programs, logistics services and a conduit to leading technology manufacturers.

Services available include

Pre-Sales/Buying/Shipment Solutions: Consulting best strategy, product analysis, costing, sampling, quality control, logistics managementand fixing of any trade barriers.
Post-Sales/Buying/Shipment Solutions: Proper execution of order & delivery of materials/consignment, Trade dispute and claim settlement.
Implementation Solutions: Standard and well planned implementation solutions such as staging, ensuring timely delivery at a very competitive price, stringent quality procedure keeping very minute eye on materials, Language assistance, configuration, day by day support and report current delivering review etc.



Here's list of our services


Buying House/ EXIM operations
• Managing buying and export operations ensuring buyers reliability.
• Comprehensive, trendy and competitive product buying.
• New Product development and co-ordination with designers.
• Keeping track of all exports consignments, agreements between buyers –sellers and documents.
• Regular follow up with buyers/ buying department, time bound execution of order and stringent quality control.
• Keeping compliance with custom laws, notifications, tariffs, EXIM policy, WTO’s notifications and bilateral trade treaties.


Materials Management
• Procurement/sourcing:
Designing, implementing and monitoring effective procurement schedules and establishing the quantity limits for effective inventory control.
Streamlining the system and procedures for effective procurement, cost reduction and inventory control for ensuring ready availability of materials to meet the production targets.
Developing alternate sourcing strategies for obtaining material ensuring ready availability
• Vendor Development:
Identifying & developing approved vendor/supplier base for cost effective and procurement of Quality materials in Indigenous & Overseas Market, Assessment of performance of the vendors (vendor rating) based on various criterions such as quality improvement rate, timely delivery, credit terms, service, communications, etc
• Logistics:
LogisticsManaging the logistic functions for cost effective transport solutions and clearances. Actively involved in monitoring/scheduling of consignments ensuring timely deliveries.


Merchandising Operations
SKFTS merchandising efforts in harmony with the business objectives for the procurement/execution of orders, Relationship management with international buyers/ vendors and all the related departments for profitable product merchandising. Ensuring following up on orders from the time of their inquiry, till their final delivery to the buyers as per time and quality standards committed to them.


We do advise the customer for cost effective and competitive costing after doing lot of parallel exercises and analysis to make the product demanding both for look and durability.


Customer Support
Liaising with the buyers directly or through their authorized person for requirement analysis and for any updates on their orders. Ensuring compliance with the order and product specifications laid down by the buyers throughout the manufacturing process and in the final delivery of the product/shipment.


International Marketing Plan Development
We'll work with you to plan an integrated global marketing strategy, from the identification of target markets to detailed (realistic) budgets and timelines. Identifying prospective clients, mapping their requirements for new business development, Initiating market development efforts by formulating Country specific entry plans in phased manner.


Shipping Assistance
Co-ordination on matters of freight forwarding and customs clearance.


We frequently provide opportunity to new comers to share ours experience on Inernational Trade Matters and International Business Operations.


SKFTS International staff can also personally represent you in direct negotiations on contracts, including joint ventures and/or licensing agreements. Negotiating styles and strategies vary incredibly from country to country. We have the knowledge and experience to "do the deal" virtually anywhere in the world.


Technology Transfer
We can find international buyers for your special technology.


Joint Ventures and/or Strategic Alliances
SKFTS can find foreign manufacturers who will pay royalties for rights to produce your product in their market. We can also arrange for you to partner with offshore companies in joint efforts to produce your products and market them throughout the world.


Government liaison
On a "with" or "on-behalf-of" basis, we can help you stay in touch with key both government and privately run.


The Total Package
Some of our clients contract us to directly perform all of the above services. In effect, we become their international marketing department..